Fastest Design to Deploy
Puts and end to :

  • "Save for Web..."
  • ImageOptim, ImageAlpha...
  • Grunt/Gulp batch image processing
  • Any kind of manual image optimisation

Multiple Devices
Image Resizing

  • Generate different image sizes for a given image

Generating a 480px wide JPEG image


Generating a retina PNG image


Image Optimisation

  • Optimises using the absolutely best for each format
  • Supports JPEG, WebP, JPEG2000, ...

Generating a WebP image


Generating a 7-bit PNG image (128 colors)


Auto Image Format

  • Uses the best format for each platform
  • WebP for Chrome/Android, JPEG2K for iPhone, ...

Best image format based on the client


Fastest Delivery

  • Caches any converted image after the first request
  • Delivers using a CDN
  • Works with Amazon CloudFlare or any other CDN

Sync from Any Source

  • Sync the original PSD/PNG files from Amazon S3, Git, SVN, local folders...